Sculpture for Dani de la Orden's film "El Pregón"

Showcase for Nike's boutique. Barcelona

Coral and Stone sculpture for cosmetic commercial

Giant Flower for Desigual

 Egipcian cats replica for App Commercial

Sculpture replica for Commercial

Pig sculpture for a Carrefour Commercial

Impossible Shoes for Seduce a dentist 
 was a sculptoric installation that used words, 
objects and game for plunge the spectator into
 a little world governed by the urge for seduction. 
And impossible shoe's collection for an improbable meetings. 
New Cinderella invites you to discover new seduction imaginaries...

This shoes was enterely maded with recycled materials & 
was exposed in Barcelona & London

Montserrat Mountain sculpture for a 60th Aniversary Seat Commercial

1:1 Toyota Auris Sculpture for a Toyota Commercial

17 cm scorpion's sculpture for a sweden commercial

Ear clay model for a latex prop